Friday, January 25, 2008

birth of a blog.

well, here i am. i've come out from under my rock and joined the computerized world. i now have my own blog. maybe some background information would be helpful. my name is lindsey, and i own a little vegan bakery called "la dolce lulu" (it means "the sweet lulu" in italian - lulu is me) here in atlanta, georgia. you can find out all about it at - and by the way, my girlfriend and i designed and launched that site all on our own! if you knew how non-computerly i am, you'd be extra impressed.

2008 is proving to be an exciting year for la dolce lulu. i'm a nominee for's sweetest things 2007, i catered 2 events at the sundance film festival in park city, and i'm giving two baking demonstrations at the atlanta home show in march.

it feels funny to get so much recognition for something i've done as a hobby my whole life. i can't remember a time that i wasn't in my kitchen cooking something up, usually to the sounds of, "i don't care what you cook, but i want that kitchen left exactly as clean as you found it," from my mother. now here i am, baking for movie stars and teaching other people how to cook! it's downright surreal.

what keeps me grounded, you ask? the fact that my business is still just part time and the other hours of the week i am a nanny. yes, when not baking cakes and icing cookies, i'm changing diapers and singing "they might be giants" songs to toddlers. yesterday i pulled a booger off a baby's foot. it's hard to get ahead of oneself with such a down-to-earth job. a baby will tell you that your hair looks funny, that you have a zit on your face, and (most helpful of all) that your cookies could use some work. so for now, i balance baking exhibitions with nap schedules and movie stars with boogers.