Tuesday, February 12, 2008

a new life goal.

you know, in addition to the owning my own bakery thing... it has become imperative that i be a contestant on american gladiators. yes, it is my dream. as a wee lulu, i watched the brawny gladiators wrestle, joust, hang on, and pretty much beat down all those overly permed, too tan contestants. i often watched american gladiators while wearing my sheera mask and breastplate and clutching my long, plastic sheera sword. i was a tiny gladiator with no one to fight. no siblings. no battle-minded friends. so, i lived vicariously through the contestants on tv.
years passed, but my memories of american gladiators remained warm. you'd be surprised how many ways american gladiators can fit into day-to-day conversation. by bringing up the classic tv show with strangers, i forged friendships i might otherwise have missed. american gladiators has a cult following that crosses gender, class, and racial lines - it is the great unifier.
and now, thanks to a months long writers' strike, american gladiators has returned. i have not missed one episode, and i'm finally old enough to compete! unfortunately, i have missed the casting for season 2 (it ended yesterday). i'm not that upset, though, because now i have longer to bulk up. you're going to see me in spandex, mark my words.

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