Saturday, February 9, 2008

omg, croissants.

well.... i thought i was going to try to make vegan croissants. i started by looking at non-vegan croissant recipes. the shortest prep time was 6 hours; the longest was 9. i have neither 6 nor 9 hours to make a croissant. i'm afraid they will not make the menu any time soon. if you have a croissant recipe that doesn't take half my waking hours to prep, let me know.

also, a few vegan questions.

1. are pearls vegan?
2. can vegans go horseback riding?
3. what are the vegan ethics surrounding fish tanks?

know the answers? do share!


Vegan_Noodle said...

Haven't had a croissant in years. Hope you have come luck in finding a recipe!
As far as your questions, I think you would find that answers may vary. As far as pearls, I don't believe they are vegan, plus there are beautiful synthetic substitutes (swarovski makes them). Check out mcfarland designs on etsy to see a bunch of vegan jewelry.

lulu said...

i figured the pearls were a no go. what do i do with my add-a-pearl necklace. my mom's been adding real pearls to it every year since i was born. it's really lovely, but i feel weird wearing it.

Vegan_Noodle said...

That's a tough question... would your mom understand if you approached her and told her you were uncomfortable with wearing it? Maybe she would want to keep it and wear it for herself? And maybe in the future she could add synthetic pearls to it (although maybe that would look funny if they were different colors). Best of luck deciding what to do!