Monday, February 11, 2008

a sad day for lulu.

no one died or anything, don't get worked up. you don't know me, so i'll tell you a little something. i very rarely form emotional attachments to objects. i'm fine keeping the memories of things rather than the things themselves. i'm a constant purger, getting rid of items i decide are unnecessary, never mourning their loss. that being said, there are certain things in my possession that are so special they survive the purges and live on as tangible links to my past. one such item was the pyrex 16oz measuring cup i have used since childhood. i remember pouring milk (i didn't always bake vegan), oil, and everything else to the exact measurement called for and pouring it into my big bowls of ingredients. i used this measuring cup when i had to stand on tippy toes to reach the counter. i used it in my experimental baking high school years. i even stole it from the cabinet and took it to college with me - it was the only kitchen related item i packed. it graduated agnes scott with me and went on to my first apartment. i have used it in every vegan item i have ever made.
my current apartment does not have a dishwasher (gasp!), so i hand wash all my dishes. there on the drying rack sat my measuring cup, almost dry. i was washing and arranging things on the rack when, without warning, the cup slipped from its post and fell to floor where it broke into a bajilliondy pieces. i stared at the floor in disbelief. my heart broken, i grabbed the broom and dust bin, scooped up the remains of a childhood friend, and placed them all in the recycling bin. i was surprised by how upset i got about the whole situation. i mean, it is just a measuring cup. but then again, my pyrex buddy has been baking by my side since i was tiny. there is neither a person nor another piece of kitchen equipment that can say that.
my only hope is that through recycling my sweet measuring cup, she can be reborn as someone else's measuring cup, or mixing bowl, or mason jar.

in honor of my 16oz pyrex measuring cup (date unknown - feb. 11, 2008).

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Vegan_Noodle said...

oh no!! that sucks....